6 Personality Traits As Explained By Beanie

We've organised our hats by personality to help you choose what style would suit you.

The Double Tick Chick

  • Too busy to answer their phone,
  • Exudes permanent IT girl vibes,
  • Is always leaving guys on read... because she can

Me, An Intellectual 

  • An intellectual
  • Who knows they're about to do something stupid


  • Joan the scammer.
  • Need I say more?

Mellanin Babe

  • Most likely will be going to Afropunk
  • Listens to Solange
  • Hair game on point

The One Who's Always Lit

  • Most likely to want to go out
  • Most likely to have alcohol in their bag at random times
  • Most likely to be arrested for being disorderly


  • Always working
  • Can't take a break
  • Is only happy when their friends are happy