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6 Personality Traits As Explained By Beanie

We've organised our hats by personality to help you choose what style would suit you. The Double Tick Chick Too busy to answer their phone, Exudes permanent IT girl vibes, Is always leaving guys on read... because she can Me, An Intellectual  An intellectual Who knows they're about to do something stupid Iconic Joan the scammer. Need I say more? Mellanin Babe Most likely will be going to Afropunk Listens to Solange Hair game on point The One Who's Always Lit Most likely to want to go out Most likely to have alcohol in their bag at random times Most likely to be arrested for being disorderly Workaholic Always working Can't take a break Is only happy when their friends are...

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5 Ways To Wear A Baseball Cap

Pro Tip 1 Pair with some cool athleisure, even if you aren't going to gym (know one needs to know that). Pro Tip 2 Only wear white if you exude maximum amounts of uber cool. And are also incredibly clean. Pro Tip 3 Wear it with the bill facing front, wear it with the bill facing the back. But under no circumstances do you wear it to the side. Leave that to Will Smith. Pro Tip 4 Get a hat the fits your head. Period. Pro Tip 5 Wear your hat to the beach with minimal clothing, let its style do the talking ;)

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